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What’s for dinner?

Category: Cooking

Dinner…the focal point of every day (at least for me!).  It’s the time of day we can unwind from work and decompress.  5 days a week, it’s also the same time my husband and I can spend playing with our 10 month old daughter.  We get home around 6pm and she’s in bed around 8-830pm.  Not enough family time during the week for my liking…So I’m always looking for quick and easy dinners, that are (somewhat) healthy but still delicious.  And an easy clean up is always a plus!

Found a salmon dish that fits all these categories!  Oven Baked Salmon was definitely a winner!  I love buying a huge salmon filet from Costco.  We usually get 3 meals for my husband and myself (plus leftovers)…now now my baby likes salmon, too!

So I started with defrosting one of our salmon pieces...

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