Hot Body in my 30’s

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Weight Loss

Like most women, I’d like to lose weight.  In my teens and early 20’s I was thin…but stupid enough to think otherwise.  At 18 I weight around 130 pounds…at 5’8″ that’s pretty tiny, between a size 6-8.  I had no idea the hot body I had at that age…wish I could talk to that girl and let her know how lucky she was.  Senior year of high school I stopped dancing because my studio had closed.  I also broke my foot that year….so HELLO 20 pounds!  I was lucky in college, no Freshman 15 for me….But that Senior 20 never went away.

Fast forward 6 years.  Still not exercising, and eating and drinking whatever I wanted.  My weight fluctuated from 140-155.  Still skinny and hot.  Then I turned 25, and got a new job so my prescription drug coverage changed.   I had been on birth control for a few years, but now I decided to switch to generic so save some money.  And I did save that money…I also packed on 30 pounds in 3 months…Blink of an eye really.  That was also the summer I started dating my current boyfriend, Rick.  I was so head over heals that I didn’t notice the weight gain until it was time to start wearing my winter clothes and began to realize they didn’t fit anymore…So I bought a scale and came to the harsh realization that I was now on the boarder of overweight.  Change of job again…This time with coworkers who LOVE to go out to eat, drink and bring baked goods in and leave them in the kitchen…we have a family feel in the office, so food is fair game.  It’s just an unspoken rule…So, again…hello 10 pounds…

So you can do the math….my 20’s were filled with fun, but also putting on the pounds.  I really would like to lose around 50 pounds…But I don’t want this strictly to be “weight loss” blog.  There are a TON of great eating/exercising tips on Pinterest, but so much more too…like anything in life, its balance.  And my journey isn’t about offering up advice, its about what works for me.  I have lost about 4-5 pounds in 2 weeks, but not totally 100% into it.  So now is the time to get real and be accountable.

What I’m using:

Weight Watchers is pretty self explanatory and well known.  The iPhone app is great for on the go.  I am contemplating about going to the meetings too…more to come there.

Gym-Pact, on the other hand, is less well known and new.

I stumbled upon it while trying to research yet another fitness tracking app.  This app lets you wager on your fitness.  You tell Gym-Pact how many times a week you want to exercise, then wager money on whether or not you can hit your goal….For example, I want to work out 4 times a week, and I wagered $10 per missed workout.  So, if I don’t exercise 4 times a week, I lose $10 for every missed session.  2 weeks in already and I have not lost any money, and made $2.36. Not a fortune by any means, but the threat of paying lots of money makes me angry and I would hate myself.  This article is a great read on Gym-Pact from the NY Daily News.

Gym-Pact is also on Pinterest…I suggest you follow them!

So, while I plan on blogging about my fitness and exercise, that’s not my focus for this site…But I will take well wishes!  Turning 30 is a week and a half away…time to get in the correct mind set…my weight gain stops here!