Some Simple DIY Projects…(HOPEFULLY!)

Category: Do It Yourself

Spoiled Cat

Planning some projects for tomorrow.  Should be simple enough.  I have a few pins that are very different in use, but the supplies are fairly easy enough to come by.  They are all on my DIY Cheap board.  The thought behind this board is things that I use (or intend to use) in everyday life that I pay some decent money for.

Now I have a cat.  Lacy Cat.  She’s so much fun, but like all cats, the litter box isn’t my favorite part.  And we rent a 1 floor apartment, so its not like we can put the litter in the basement.  So I love air fresheners, candle, oil burners, any that keeps the shitty kitty smell away.  So a DIY Room Air Freshener seemed right up my alley!

First the important stuff.  Here is a picture of Lacy Cat…

Lacy Cat

Lacy Cat

So anyway….Back to the DIY Room Air Freshener.


  • A container & Lid
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oil

That’s it.  Just need to buy some essential oil.  Then you just put some baking soda in the container and add the oil…easy peasy!

Second Task:  Infused Oils

Infused oils

Look easy and delicious!  All I need are the containers…Have the other ingredients (oil and flavors) already on hand!

Last, is what I am going to call Orange Cleaning Vinegar

Vinegar is a fantastic cleaning agent…but it makes the entire place smell of a salad for days later.  For this I just need to get the mason jars again.  I’m thinking all these containers that I need will be easy to find at Michael’s.

Everything else I guess I should be able to get a the local grocery store (but I have most of it on hand!).  Excited for my tasks for the week.

The weekend will bring some fun trying to pack like a ninja.

Going to Atlanta this weekend to visit a friend who recently moved there.  I really don’t want to pay for baggage fees…Plus I like the challenge of fitting all my stuff in a carry-on and tote.  Wish me luck!