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Some Simple DIY Projects…(HOPEFULLY!)

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Spoiled Cat

Planning some projects for tomorrow.  Should be simple enough.  I have a few pins that are very different in use, but the supplies are fairly easy enough to come by.  They are all on my DIY Cheap board.  The thought behind this board is things that I use (or intend to use) in everyday life that I pay some decent money for.

Now I have a cat.  Lacy Cat.  She’s so much fun, but like all cats, the litter box isn’t my favorite part.  And we rent a 1 floor apartment, so its not like we can put the litter in the basement.  So I love air fresheners, candle, oil burners, any that keeps the shitty kitty smell away.  So a DIY Room Air Freshener seemed right up my alley!

First the i...

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