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I’ve horribly neglected my site…so much more time has passed than I had originally thought…A year and a half??!! I need to get it together!

Lots of things have happened in that year and a half, and I have used Pinterest along the way.  Some bullet points

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Hot Body in my 30’s

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Weight Loss

Like most women, I’d like to lose weight.  In my teens and early 20’s I was thin…but stupid enough to think otherwise.  At 18 I weight around 130 pounds…at 5’8″ that’s pretty tiny, between a size 6-8.  I had no idea the hot body I had at that age…wish I could talk to that girl and let her know how lucky she was.  Senior year of high school I stopped dancing because my studio had closed.  I also broke my foot that year….so HELLO 20 pounds!  I was lucky in college, no Freshman 15 for me….But that Senior 20 never went away.

Fast forward 6 years...

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Welcome To Living by Pinning

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Welcome To Living By pinning

I’m a Pinterest addict.  I love looking around, seeing what others are pinning and, like most people, have intentions of trying everything I pin.  Well almost 1,800 pins later, I have barley scratched the surface.  So I thought to myself, “get adventurous and start doing these things you have such great intentions of completing…all of them…the good, the bad, and the ugly!”

I don’t mean for this to be one of those “Pinterest Failure” sites. I want to succeed on everything I try!  So here is my challenge to myself.  I want to try at least 3 of my pins per week.  New or old, doesn’t matter.  So here goes…Wish me LUCK!

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