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I’ve horribly neglected my site…so much more time has passed than I had originally thought…A year and a half??!! I need to get it together!

Lots of things have happened in that year and a half, and I have used Pinterest along the way.  Some bullet points

  • Married on 10/1/2013 in fabulous LAS VEGAS! Much of our trip and the elopement was planned on 2 secret boards I had.  They are now public.  I can’t believe its been a year already!  We had a blast and would go back in a heart beat!  Planning the trip on a Pinterest Board was a great way to go!
  • Bought a House! Needless to say I have numerous boards dedicated now to fixing up and decorating our new house.  Not to mention gardening in the yard, etc!
  • and finally our biggest news….GOT PREGNANT IN APRIL!  Baby due 12/26/2014.  Pinterest has been super helpful in getting the baby shower ready too.  I know I should let the grandmothers do the planning, but it’s a ton of fun looking at things on Pinterest.  And Pinterest has been great in directing me to Etsy, where I purchased invites, games, thank you’s, the favors and so on.

I’ll definitely be using Pinterest to lose the baby weight, and keep our Little Baby K entertained!  There is so much to take advantage of while raising a little one, I thought it was time to get back into my blog.  So very excited (and scared out of my mind) for this next chapter of our lives.  Here’s to Living By Pinning 2.0!